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When it’s important to rekey locks? Why such services are often urgent? What is involved in lock rekeying? These are the most frequently asked questions when it comes to lock rekey. And Locksmith Dorval is not just here to answer them but also to provide the service required in a timely manner. Count on our local team when your office key is stolen or you move to a new house in Dorval, Quebec. These are two of the most common occasions you will need to rekey the locks. And when this time comes, ask our pros to rekey locks in Dorval for you. We do the job properly and urgently.Rekey Locks Dorval

Why lock rekeying is important& urgent?

Let’s say your home key is stolen. It might be also lost. What are the effects of such unfortunate situations? The person that found the lost key or stole it from you in the first place will have access to your property. That simply means you don’t need a key replacement. With that you only replace the missing key, but this doesn’t eliminate the possibility of someone breaking in. What you really need is to change the lock. But it’s not necessarily to change the entire mechanism.

And that brings us to what is involved in lock rekeying. What we change is the tumbler of the lock. There are small pins in each cylinder lock which enable the key to move in the lock and open or lock the door. When these pins are replaced with new ones, the original key won’t fit. So you will need key change too.

Lock rekey is also important when you want to use one master key for many door locks, which will also open with their own separate keys too. This is known as a master key system and we can help you with such requests too since we can change the configuration of a cylinder lock to work with two keys.

In any case, you can trust our company to rekey locks in Dorval urgently. Due to our experience and know how, we guarantee expert and quality work. Call us anytime you need help.